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Many thanks to [ profile] plumtreeblossom for keeping folks back here in civilization in the loop. And many thanks to those of you who commented with well-wishes.

After a tweak to my Flexeril dosage I’m getting the relief without the scary side effect (although it still makes me a little slow and groggy — or maybe that’s not being able to use my CPAP masks, all of which still hurt too much), and I’m feeling much better. Slow steady improvement. I went in to work today, and was reasonably productive, and I have noticeably more range of motion in my neck this evening than I did this morning.

With any luck, I’ll be all better by Friday afternoon — just in time to have three wisdom teeth out!

And on that cheery note, it’s off to try to do a little bit of catching up on what’s happened here on LJ in the months since I last checked in.
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This is [ profile] plumtreeblossom cross-posting to [ profile] beowabbit's LJ, since our f'lists are not the same.

[ profile] beowabbit is unwell right now. It began with increasing pain at the base of his skull over the past few days, limiting is mobility and and eventually eliminating his ability to drive or lay down comfortably in any position for long. When pain with swallowing became a thing yesterday morning, it was time to go to MIT Urgent Care to see a doctor.

A seed of fear had been planted in us about menengitis or other spinal/brain stem infection, but he examining doctor at MIT Medical ruled that out for now. It seems to be a serious muscle issue, possibly brought on by a too-tight CPAP mask strap, but we really just don't know how it came about. He has a bad reaction to the muscle relaxant he was prescribed (Cyclobenzaprine). It was as if he had been "roofied." A call to MIT Medical took him off that drug and onto regular Ibuprophen. Itwas a rough night, and I slept downstairs so that he could have the whole bed to find (semi) comfortable positions to lay in.

He's not well enough for visitors, but I know he would love to get messages and comments from friends. We're doing what we can to get him through this.
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Stolen shamelessly Borrowed from [ profile] vanguardcdk:

PMRP is proud to announce the cast for our Hallowe’en show!

Ghost Hunt
Directed by Mindy Klenoff

Smiley Smith.....................Joev Dubach
Claudia MacDonald.............Joye Thaller
Abigail Thorpe....................Caitlin Mason
Dr. Clarence Reed...............David Cole
Foley Artist........................Kal Gieber

Night of the Living Dead
Directed by Jay Sekora

Ben...................................Emery Westlake
Barbra...............................Samantha Amodeo
Helen/Ensemble................Heidi Clark
Tom/Ensemble..................Kal Gieber
Harry/Ensemble................Michael McAfee
Judy/Ensemble..................Sarah Brinks
Johnny/Ensemble..............Stever Robbins
Ensemble..........................David Cole
Ensemble..........................Jacob Sommer
Foley Artists......................Mare Freed, Chuck Corley

Thanks to everyone who tried out for the show!

You can catch “Ghost Hunt” and “Night of the Living Dead” this October 25th – November 2nd.
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As I posted yesterday, auditions for PMRP’s Hallowe’en special featuring “Ghost Hunt” and my adaptation of “Night of the Living Dead” are this coming Monday and Tuesday. The sides and other files (availability forms, etc.) are now up! Everything relevant is linked from the main auditions page, but in case you have trouble finding the links, here are the role descriptions (and an explanation of what being a Foley artist and performing live sound effects entails), and PDFs of the sides and other forms are available by clicking on the slightly misleading “Download PDF File” link on the “Documents & Files” page (which takes you to a page with a list of files which you can download or add to your Google Drive if you use that).

It would be great if you could print out your own copies of the forms (and either print out or have on a phone or tablet the sides) in advance if you can, but we’ll have copies if you don’t.

Hope to see a bunch of you at auditions!
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(Cross-posted from the Evil Empire:)

Come audition for my show! I am doing a live-radio-drama adaptation of Night of the Living Dead, and auditions are next Monday and Tuesday (with possible callbacks on Wednesday). Lots more information is on the auditions page. Descriptions of the available roles (for both shows; see below) are here, and sides — sample scenes we’ll be using for auditions — will be up soon. Besides “Night of the Living Dead”, Mindy Klenoff is directing “Ghost Hunt”, originally broadcast on Suspense! in 1949, about a DJ who agrees to spend the night in an allegedly haunted house to prove there are no such things as ghosts. In addition to voice actors, we need Foley (live sound effects) performers, administrative staff (doing things like selling program ads, putting up posters, and collecting sound-effects equipment) and crew.

Live radio drama is not memorized; we perform with scripts in hand, standing on stage with microphones. It’s a great opportunity for beginners and old hands alike; we’ve had some people turn in very impressive performances who had never done any kind of theater before.

(And of course, in a few weeks, I’ll be telling you all to come see the show! Performances are on several dates from October 24-November 2.)
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This is a web game that has you clicking through Google Street View images and guessing where you are. I got my first three two guesses in the right country, at least, and the second one I got in the right republic of Russia (although I may have cheated by using the Googles to figure out where the mosque I was looking at was).

GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!
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Just heard (thanks to a phone call from [ profile] plumtreeblossom, who’s also safe and sound) about the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I wanted to let everybody know I’ve been spending this holiday resting and catching up at home and I’m safe; I haven’t been anywhere near the Marathon.

I’m terribly sad for the injured, of course, and hope nobody dies.
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Congratulations to the cast and crew of PMRP’s Spring Sci-Fi Spectacular on a great opening night! Y’all were awesome, on stage, at the Foley table, and at the boards. Special thanks to the Them! cast for making my first time directing so amazing!

Two performances today, then performances next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and a special matinée on Sunday, April 21, at the MIT Museum. Details on the event page. Come see it!
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I can’t believe I haven’t hawked this before now, but [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I are both involved in PMRP’s Spring Sci-Fi Spectacular² live-radio-drama event. [ profile] plumtreeblossom is reprising her rôle as Billy in “Red Shift: Crisis of the Cuddlykins”, a spoof of Flash Gordon- or Buck Rogers-style serials, and I’ve been directing (in my directorial début!) [ profile] audioboy’s radio adaptation of the classic 1954 movie Them!. Shows are April 5, 6 (matinée and evening show), 11, 12, and 13th in Davis Square, and a special matinée April 21st at the MIT museum. More details are on the PMRP site. My cast is awesome (and so is [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s, of course; it has her in it!) and it should be a tremendously fun time.

(For the two or three of you who haven’t read me and others talk about PMRP, the concept is that we present a radio drama as if broadcast over the air in the Golden Age of Radio, but on stage in front of a live audience. Most of our shows — this one definitely included — have live Foley sound effects, and we’ve got some awesome ones. Come see us!)
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It was quite the ordeal. I can now say that I've dug my car out of the snow on the interstate. And the windshield spontaneously cracked on the way here. And oh my holy blessed virgin mother of pearl, the hours-long ordeal of finding a place I could park (thanks, [ profile] usernamenumber and [ profile] preraphaelite). But I'm here safe and warm in Somervile with [ profile] plumtreeblossom. And so is Chickenfinger, although she's been hiding for hours and we don't know where she is. And I just got out of an ecstatically wonderful hot shower. Life is good.

(There are some indications that power may be on again in my neighborhood in Quincy. Hard to be certain, though. And no way I am going out in that again tonight.)
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From [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s post here:
There are three new posted positions right in my department at MIT Sloan. And here they are!

Director of Visual Design

Associate Director of Account Management

Editorial And Marketing Copy Director [corrected title]

MIT is a truly great place to work, and the benefits are many. You would be working in the same cluster as me (I would be your departmental admin), which I think is a benefit in itself. :-) Apply through the links above, and feel free to point any interested candidates to this public post.
(N.B. that’s her department, not mine; I work a couple blocks away in the Famous Crazy Building in my userpic.)
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I had a mild cold for some of the show two-and-three weekends ago, but I thought I was solidly over it by the end of the run. Unfortunately, it came back, with new symptoms, early last week. (Or perhaps I picked up something new to replace it in the green room — a bunch of the cast were sick, some of them pretty badly.)

Anyway, that got worse over the course of the week, and I ended up going home early on Thursday, and staying home on Friday.

Friday night [ profile] plumtreeblossom came over to take care of me. (We’d already had a date planned, but we decided that with my hacking cough a nice dinner at a restaurant with lots of other diners was maybe not the best idea, so we picked up some take-out.)

After eating, we looked for something to watch on Netflix. [ profile] plumtreeblossom said she was interested in something historical, and I asked if Shakespeare counted as historical. She said it did, and we ended up watching Great Performances2010 production of Macbeth, with Patrick Stewart as Macbeth. The text was all Shakespeare, but the setting evoked a mid-20th-century fascist state with Macbeth as mad dictator. It was just spectacular. Although clearly done on a pretty low budget, it was visually stunning. The cinematography was wonderful. The acting was amazing — Stewart’s, of course, but also that of the other actors, none of whom we recognized. I felt like you could subtract the Shakespeare play and still be left with a great work of art. [ profile] plumtreeblossom posted her own review of it here. See it if you can. It’s available on Netflix streaming and Amazon Instant Video.

This morning, we had a social event planned that we were supposed to be hosting, but I was clearly too sick, and unfortunately it was clear that [ profile] plumtreeblossom was coming down with this too. :-/ So we scrambled in the morning to get in touch with some of the other attendees, and we hope it went off all right without us. [ profile] plumtreeblossom went home, and I’ve had a quiet day at home watching more Netflix with my kitty and puttering around on the internet. I’m generally feeling better, but the coughing fits have gotten more violent (although less frequent). I really want to just wash my lungs out with warm water. (The vaporizer seems to be helping quite a bit.)
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Well, I had my first significant problem of this stormy day: My desk chair broke. (Not broke as in “dumped me on the floor”, but broke as in as in “suddenly dropped six inches and tilted at an unsettling angle, while making a snapping sound and depositing a substantial pile of rust on the floor below it”.) Since the closest thing I have to a desk chair now is a folding wooden chair, there go my plans for the all-night World of Warcraft marathon.¹ But I’m still warm and dry and happy, and the rain seems to have let up quite a bit.
¹ I understand World of Warcraft is a thing the kids are doing these days, and it has something to do with sitting at computers.
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Power: on
Water: flowing and potable
Trees: standing
House: warm
Basement: dry
Cat: sleeping

My work is closed today, and the Boston subway shut down at 2:00pm, but all is well so far in Quincy. I hope things are going as well for everybody reading this.
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Probably most of you who are local already know about this, but [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I are in a live staged Hallowe’en radio show that is playing in Davis Square the next two weekends. (This is voice and Foley actors performing in front of microphones, essentially as if performing a live radio drama, but for a live audience instead of for radio broadcast.

This is part of ’s regular Hallowe’en Tomes of Terror series, but this particular one is all original plays by contemporary authors. (In the past, we’ve sometimes had new works, but mostly used scripts from classic radio series like Suspense and Fibber McGee and Molly.)

There are three one-act plays (each about half an hour long), and [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I are in ”The Crasher” about a troubled writer who moves into a sleepy Maryland town to get away from her troubles. But she finds it’s not as quiet as she’d hoped.

The other two one-acts, both by local authors in the group, are ”Shivers on Highway 61”, about a motorcycle gang’s brushes with death (or at least with the dead), and ”The Red Line”, about an MBTA driver, about to retire, who wants to see the T saved from privatization, and the consequences of his choices. Plenty of our friends are involved in this, and all three shows are lots of fun.

There are six performances, all at Unity Church at 6 William St. (on College Ave.) in Davis Square, Somerville, just a couple blocks from the Davis Square T station:
  • Friday, October 19th, at 8pm
  • Saturday, October 20th, at 8pm
  • Thursday, October 25th, at 8pm
  • Friday, October 26th, at 8pm
  • Saturday, October 27th, at at 2pm (matinée)
  • Saturday, October 27th, at 8pm
You can order or reserve tickets online or get them at the door. (Reservations or ordering in advance are a good idea since occasionally shows sell out.)

EDIT: Here’s a link with more info, including a map and the cast and crew.
Hope lots of you can come see it!


2012-09-15 12:25
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No time to do it justice, but [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I saw Theatre@First’s production of Bent last night, and it was incredibly powerful and moving and truly spectacular. It’s about gay men in Nazi Berlin and Dachau, and it’s just as intense as you might imagine. The acting was stunning. You may not be able to sit through the whole thing, but you should try.

The New England Theater Geek has a review. If you’re not sure whether you can handle it, Wikipedia has a summary of the plot (with spoilers, of course).
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A very happy Father’s Day to [ profile] ka9sqb, who is awesome!

Also to Sean, the wonderful father of my little niece and nephew, who no longer has an LJ account.
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So I ended up having to speed up the mail server migration because of what might either be a failing hard drive or a garbled filesystem. (I discovered that the filesystem was corrupt and the old machine wasn't functioning properly *as* I was synchronizing data, and rather than wait and do a final synch today as I had planned, I went ahead and stayed up to finish everything overnight.) More gory details are in this post, which is mainly of interest to other people who read their mail on But the short version is that (1) mail delivery to me (and/or from me) may be flaky today, (2) I am going to bed now.
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I’m going to be migrating my mail server to a hosting provider tomorrow (Saturday the 26th), from about 10:00am to about 2:00pm or so, so email to addresses will be delayed.
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My darling [ profile] plumtreeblossom just got an Android phone (not yet set up), and that spurred me to take some time to update my list of Android apps. It’s crazy-long, so unlike last time, I’m not going to post the whole list to LJ; it’s atCurrently, it’s a partial list of what’s on my phone, sorted into categories, with most apps annotated with a short description, and the ones I particularly recommend starred and boldfaced.
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