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Yesterday I had two social engagements. I was—

Uh, you may want to sit down for this.

I was on time for both of them.

Yes, I was on time for both of them. Me.

Considering this rationally, the only plausible explanation is that I’ve been replaced by some kind of duplicate, like a pod person.
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I thought my day was full and interesting before the six datacenters in my building (along with a big chunk of the rest of Cambridge, and most of the rest of MIT) lost power. That happened around four thirty. Power came back around six thirty, and we all dived into bringing servers and services back up. I got home around eleven thirty.

One of the highlights of the time while we were waiting for power to come back was watching my boss and another of my colleagues pry open an elevator door so that the people who’d been trapped in it for about an hour could get out.

[ profile] plumtreeblossom’s building on campus lost power too, but since she didn’t have to babysit a whole bunch of servers as they eventually came up, I think that meant she ended up going home earlier than expected, rather than later than expected. (The T was running during most of the power outage, I gather.)

It was an adventure. I like my adventures in moderation.
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Was looking forward to a date overnight on the 3d with [ profile] plumtreeblossom and fireworks on the 4th with [ profile] cathijosephine and Drreamer (and perhaps other folks).

The date happened (complete with amazing pancakes chock full of fruit in the morning, courtesy of [ profile] plumtreeblossom and her yummy food imagination), but the fireworks didn’t. And I stayed home sick from work today. Also, I spent much of the night of the 3d not slumbering peacefully next to my wuzzle, but dealing (along with my officemate, who went in) with a major work crisis. So I’m more than a little out of it.

Details of a thoracic nature. )

I am very disappointed to have missed fireworks with [ profile] cathijosephine, which was an unbroken tradition with us for many years, but I really would not have been sufficiently mobile, and staying home has helped a lot, and I’m clearly on the mend now (although still puzzled about what this was).
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Behind the cut, why you should always wear safety goggles when using a weed whacker.

Why you should always wear safety goggles when using a weed whacker. )

That’s something analogous to a bruise or a blood blister on my eyeball, from a piece of grit getting thrown into my eye at high speed. Whee! It hurt right when it happened, but almost immediately felt completely fine (and still feels fine now several hours later). If it had been a couple millimeters over, though, that might have been a very different story.

Don’t try this at home, kids! Wear eye protection!

PS — And of course after this happened (and I’d taken a look and satisfied myself that the damage wasn’t too serious), I went and found the safety goggles I’d been too lazy to look for before starting.
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I have to wonder what it says about me that I just decided to mow my lawn¹ at 1:30am², because I genuinely think that’s the most appropriate time I’m likely to get in the foreseeable future.³
¹ Well, the most visible portion of it, anyway.
² Mind you, this was with a manual rotary mower.⁴ I don’t want to wake up my neighbours.
³ For values of “the foreseeable future” approaching “before a possible deluge delivered by the dregs of hurricane Earl”.
⁴ Which does not in fact actually cut any grass stalks over a certain height, which, plus last week’s rains, mean it was not so much a matter of “mowing” the lawn as of “pushing over” the lawn. But it still looks better than before. Or at least I hope it might, when there’s daylight and I can see it.
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Four years ago today, after meeting through [ profile] surrealestate (and following each other’s journals for some time), [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I had our first date, a dim-sum dinner at Empire Garden in Chinatown.

For a couple years, we went back there to celebrate our sweetieversary; then we decided we liked eating pasta out on a patio in the North End better, and that’s what we’ll be doing tonight.

Thank you, beloved, for four years of joy. I’m looking forward to many more!
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Well, it was kind of nice having long hair again, but it was more work than I particularly wanted to deal with, and I missed the convenience of short hair. Thanks to [ profile] plumtreeblossom, who gave her consent to my tragic, misguided deed but pouted as she did the actual cutting and said “Every snip is a snip of my heart!” (But she promises to love me however long my hair is, and she’s already given me a headrub or two.)

Actual photos will follow, but in the meantime there’s my new default userpic.

PS — [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s cat Ben Ben sent me an IM the other night. He said “=]]]]]]]]]]]]3we\er90”. For somebody with no opposable thumbs, he’s a pretty good typist.
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I just got back from a fabulous little trip to New York with [ profile] plumtreeblossom to find large quantities of presents from [ profile] silverlibre and [ profile] ka9sqb in Illinois and [ profile] bcat1 and [ profile] spacechicken in North Carolina on my doorstep. And an awful lot of them are the edible kind!

An one very special thing was in the box from Illinois: a photo album of baby pictures of me, depicting a typical day in my life as a baby. Yes, there will be scans.

But not tonight. Tonight bed. I am happily exhausted and need to go curl up with a kitty cat.
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I have lots of wonderful weekends, but I just had an especially wonderful one.

It started on Friday night, when [ profile] warlord_mit and [ profile] surrealestate had a wine tasting (with several selections from [ profile] warlord_mit’s ample cellar) followed by a Chicago singalong. That was just about the most fun event I’ve been to since, well, probably the last party at their place. :-) [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I had a great time.

On Saturday [EDIT: after a yummy breakfast of catching up with [ profile] beetiger, her son [ profile] projectmothra, and [ profile] lediva at Johnny D’s], we needed to pick up new veterinary supplies for her cat Rowley from Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in JP, and since I really miss Jamaica Pond and [ profile] plumtreeblossom has taken up long walks, I suggested that we combine pleasure and business and take a walk around Jamaica Pond first. Which we did, and we had a lovely and relaxing time and got to see lots of dogs and lots of scenery. (I did, however, break the screen on my old small camera while I was carrying it, though. Good think I have the awesome new one, and a camera on my cell phone.) Nice to enjoy the outdoors, now that Massachusetts has finally decided it’s summer after a couple months of Novembers.

After that, we went to Angell and picked up Rowley’s supplies and window-shopped for quite a while in their adoption center. Had a wonderful time visiting with all the animals! Then we went home to our respective houses.

Sunday was a workday at [ profile] theatreatfirst, so I got to see [ profile] plumtreeblossom again at that, as well as lots of other wonderful Firsties. It let out very early, so we had an early dinner together outdoors in Davis Square before going to her place to take care of Rowley.

Don’t read if needles or related things upset you. )

And today I went in to town to meet [ profile] plumtreeblossom for the Indian lunch buffet at Shalimar of India in Central Square. Yummy food and a nice little daytime mini-date.

Oh, and today was a good day to take off from work, apparently. I most often take the Green Line down Huntington Ave, and I would have been significantly delayed. That was a couple blocks from my building at work. I’m really glad nobody was hurt!
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The good news: Thanks both to time and to the meds [ profile] plumtreeblossom brought over, I’m doing much better. If you ignore the cough, I’m pretty much well. I went out of the house today. There’s this bright yellow thing in the sky that makes you warm. It was a little weird.

But the bad news is very bad. My housemates have this ([ profile] darxus started feeling bad last night; [ profile] cathijosephine realized she was sick early this evening). And so does my poor honeywuzzle. She seemed fine this morning, but by this evening (after I dropped her off in Davis) she was really sick.

I hope all of them get better very quickly, and I feel really really guilty. :-(
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I got this meme from [ profile] joyeous:

Please reply to this post with three boring things about you. [If you feel like it.]

  1. I am nearsighted, but I wear glasses or contact lenses, so I can see.
  2. In the winter, I get cold sometimes.
  3. Sometimes I put twist-ties on my desk, because I think I might need to use them soon. But usually I don’t need to use them soon.
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Yeah, yeah, according to the political spectrum quiz all the cool kids are doing these days, I’m a left-libertarian¹ non-interventionist cultural liberal. We all knew that.

I agree with the criticism somebody on my Friends-list (not identified because s/he posted it in a locked post) made: A lot of the questions were in two parts, like “22. Laws regulating private behavior are put forth by the weak, who prefer security to freedom.” Well, what if you think that laws regulating private behaviour are put forth by the strong, who prefer security to freedom? Or that they’re put forth by the weak, who prefer Cocoa Puffs to freedom? Or that they’re put forward by the strong, despite preferring freedom to security, but that they are still an Abomination in the sight of the [ profile] majes? There were a lot of two-part questions like that where the answer I had to give probably obscured rather than clarified my actual political beliefs. (And of course there were a lot of “No, really, it’s an awful lot more complicated than that” questions, but that’s sort of unavoidable.)
¹ I originally mistyped that as “libertartian”; I think that’s actually a better description of me.
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So last night at [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s, I had an odd dream about sewing needles. (Or they might have been pins, but in that case they didn’t have pinheads.) They were burrowing around in somebody’s shirt collar like worms in dirt. In the dream, that wasn’t strange or disquieting; that was just what needles did, what they were supposed to do, and it showed that the ecosystem of his shirt was healthy.

(Had a lovely, lovely date, and finally got to watch Jefferson in Paris, which I’ve had out from GreenCine for ages. Also had the world’s hugest takeout order from the Midwest Grill — we were expecting two entree-sized portions; instead we got two catering platters.)
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I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but [ profile] coraline encouraged people on her F’list to, so I decided I would. I had been planning on taking a new picture with the wonderful new camera [ profile] plumtreeblossom, [ profile] eisa, [ profile] beetiger, [ profile] docorion, [ profile] mrpet, [ profile] nex0s, and [ profile] angeltigriss got me for my birthday (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! IT ROCKS!), but it’s late and I have a very big day ahead of me tomorrow, so I’m just going to reuse an old picture from the mid ’90s or so of me swimming at the Ledges in Vermont. It shows off my best assets: my smile, and my joy in being among people I love. ([ profile] sionnagh, [ profile] zzbottom, and his then-wife whose LJ name I’ve spaced on were there with me.)

Me at the Ledges Me at the Ledges
Me in the water at the Ledges (Harriman Reservoir, Vermont), probably mid-’90s.

Hmmmm. I look a lot different now, but I think I’m still that happy pretty often.
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First picture I’ve ever taken with my laptop camera. Sorry about the poor lighting; the walls and ceiling are better lit than I am.

Photo here. )
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By request. Let me know if you want this lj-cut; I figured it was small enough that wasn’t necessary.Purple toe socks.
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So there’s this wonderful family photo of me at around two years old playing in Hyde Park. My mother made a copy for me, which I have somewhere very safe, I’m sure. But my sister also has a copy, and while we were down there last weekend I scanned it in. So here I am:

Me as a toddler 'dowsing' in Hyde Park, London, summer 1968.
Me as a toddler 'dowsing' in Hyde Park, London, summer 1968.
My parents spent three years in England for my father’s graduate work. This picture of me was taken by a family friend while we were in Hyde Park in London sometime in summer of 1968. My parents always called this my dowsing picture, although I sort of think it looks more like I’m ploughing. I was a cutie, wasn’t I?

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(Sorry no Rabbit Hole Day post this year; I don’t have enough brain cells to be creative right now. You get the following by virtue of the fact that most of it was written yesterday on the T.)

So last long weekend was Arisia, and I haven’t stopped having fun since. On Tuesday, I ended up at dinner at the Cambridge location of Addis Red Sea with [ profile] cathijosephine, [ profile] ragingamazon, and a bunch of other people in what was sort of an impromptu farewell dinner for [ profile] ragingamazon. I had never tried their new location, and I hadn’t had Ethiopian food since Meskerem in DC with [ profile] plumtreeblossom, [ profile] bcat1, and [ profile] spacechicken. It was the yum, and the company was lots of fun.

On Wednesday, [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I went to a gathering at The Burren for members of the [ profile] davis_square community. The bar gave us free food, and they certainly recouped their investment; there were about 30 or 35 of us there. There were lots of Theatre@First people there, among them the wonderful [ profile] surrealestate (f/k/a pheromone) and [ profile] joyeous, but there were also a lot of people we hadn’t met in person, and a lot of people we (especially I) didn’t know at all. It was a great time.

A few more days, cut for length. )

As I was telling [ profile] jadia over dinner yesterday, as a child I was an introvert, more or less out of necessity since I was sick a lot (and therefore out of school a lot, and often unable to run and play with other kids). Clearly I am no longer an introvert, but it’s only been in the past few years that my mental image of myself has caught up to reality. I used to think, “Hah, hah! I’ve got everybody fooled; they think I’m an extrovert, just because I get energized by spending lots and lots of time with other people!” and it was only fairly recently that I realized that everybody who thought I was an extrovert was actually right. (I am, though, an extrovert who needs a lot of quiet alone time.) Anyway, if I had lingering doubts, this past week should lay them to rest.
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I’ve seen this in zillions of people’s journals. The privilege meme. )
I agree with the criticisms lots of people have posted about this meme; lots of the items have to do with education more directly than with privilege (although of course they’re very closely related). And my own particular answers are often affected by geography more than social class (although again there’s some degree of correlation). Still, it was kind of interesting.

(By the way, [ profile] silverlibre and [ profile] ka9sqb, you should feel free to correct anything I’m misremembering or misrepresenting.)
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(Current hip status: [ profile] beowabbit is currently very hip.)

Going to work was a really stupid idea. My theory was that if I’m going to be in pain and discomfort anyway, there’s no real advantage to not being at work for it. What I didn’t count on was it taking almost two hours for me to walk from the parking garage to my office building. (Admittedly, I’m counting the three times I sat down on benches.) That normally takes 10min if I stop to buy an apple and a coffee on the way.

However, the campus police were very kind and sent over a Safety Patrol van to get me back to the parking garage from my office when I left (early), and the drive back to Quincy was uneventful and less painful than the drive from [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s to work had been.

On the way home, I stopped by the drugstore and got crutches. I’m not sure they’re an improvement over the cane. They’re better for standing still for long periods of time, and they’re much quicker, and they’re more stable, so there are fewer of the nasty surprises, but they are much clumsier to handle, harder to keep from falling when I set them aside because I can’t hook them on things (and bending over to pick anything up is not so much happening at the moment), and while the cane basically left me fine most of the time with occasional moments of serious pain when I stepped wrong or had to rebalance, the crutches basically hurt just a bit on each “step”. I think the crutches are probably net worse on my hip. If I feel like I can go out tomorrow, I may buy a second cane, and try the two-cane approach. (Assuming, of course, I’m not magically all better tomorrow.)

I left a message for my doctor’s office as soon as I got in to work today, but haven’t heard back yet. At this point, I don’t think it justifies an ER visit, because my best guess is that medical science is going to tell me to suck it up and wait, and in the meantime keep my weight off it and take lots of painkillers, which I am already doing. (Well, modulo the stupidity of trying to go in to work today, but I’ve learned my lesson. Thanks, [ profile] plumtreeblossom; you were right. On the other hand, I got lots of sympathy from my co-workers.)

In other news, my flowers are still beautiful, and my kilt still makes me very very happy.
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