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On Friday, [ profile] plumtreeblossom, [ profile] cathijosephine, and I went to see Eddie Izzard’s Force Majeur show, which was wonderfully hilarious. Can’t possibly do it justice. (And wow, the Wang Theatre is a stunning and stunningly restored venue!)

Beforehand, [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I had had dinner nearby at Empire Garden, which was the site of our first date almost eight years ago, and I had a scorpion bowl for the first time.

On Saturday, we went to Johnny D’s for brunch with [ profile] vanguardcdk for a late celebration of his birthday, and then headed to the Quincy house. I was exhausted — I’d been a bit underslept all week, and I had had to sleep without my CPAP machine the previous night because some bits were being cleaned — so I had a nice long nap, which is almost unheard of for me. Then I was thoroughly refreshed, and we did a bunch of yardwork (planting and watering our cosmos, and finally managing to take soil samples — previous efforts had been stymied by the weather). We finished just in time to enjoy a brief but torrential downpour from the dry comfort of the porch, had a yummy spaghetti and meatballs dinner, and then watched Ken Burns’ documentary The Shakers, from which we both learned an awful lot.

On Sunday we did a bunch more puttering around indoors and out (I was alternately working on house stuff and PMRP website stuff). I had a nice phone call with my mother [ profile] silverlibre (and left voicemail for my sister). Then around 2pm when we started to feel a little eleven-o’clockish, [ profile] plumtreeblossom had a culinary inspiration and made me a grilled-cheese sandwich for lunch with Cheddar, blue cheese, cream cheese, minced garlic, and roast beef. It was spectacular! And she doesn’t even like blue cheese herself. Now it’s her turn to take a nap, and she’s dozing in her room (which has become our nap room) while I catch up with the world.

How’s your weekend been?
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Having a wonderful weekend with [ profile] plumtreeblossom. I got to see closing night of the fabulous and very funny Theatre@First production of Twelfth Night. Congratulations to director Ari and to a wonderful cast and crew (including a bunch of excellent actors new to Theatre@First). Then after strike we went to the cast party which was delightful (and yummy, which was good, because I realized on my way out of the house to go see the show that I hadn't had dinner!).

We had to leave a bit early so we could get up this morning early enough to have dim sum with [ profile] bitty and [ profile] bubblebabble and a bunch of their friends while they’re in town. (We were still half an hour late to that, but we got to see people, which we wouldn’t have managed if we’d stayed up like the party people we wish we were.) Was wonderful to see them!

And then we went and saw a movie. We went to the theater knowing nothing about any of the films that were playing; one was a sequel to something whose original I had at least heard of, even if I hadn’t seen it and hadn’t realized that there was a sequel, and a couple others that I’d vaguely heard of, or whose franchises I’d vaguely heard of, but then [ profile] plumtreeblossom noticed that one that was about to start had James Gandolfini in it (in his last lead before he died), so we saw Enough Said, and we loved it! The acting and directing were really good — the dialogue (especially in awkward situations) was very naturalistic, and we left the theater sort of feeling like the characters were a bunch of people we knew. Highly recommended. (And I’m not just saying that because as a middle-aged fat guy I like seeing James Gandolfini as a romantic lead. :-)
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After the fabulous closing night of Lysistrata and a wonderful birthday party for [ profile] surrealestate and DD's darling Tadpole, [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I were crossing the street this evening when we were hit by a car. It was making a left turn into the street we were crossing; the driver had probably slowed for the turn but didn't seem to slow at all to avoid hitting us; he did pull over a ways down the block and come back. There were lots of witnesses, among them [ profile] anomie666 who happened to be on a bus that was passing and who stayed with us through the whole evening. He is a wonderful person and he deserves a medal and some really good Scotch.

All the emergency vehicles (at least two police cars, a fire truck, an ambulance, and eventually the tow truck to take away the driver's car since he left in other accommodation) had enough flashing colored lights for a Somerville Christmas. We declined the ambulance since we were just a few blocks from the hospital and the paramedics wanted to put us in back and neck braces and that seemed over the top (neither of us had hit our heads or had spine pain). [ profile] anomie666 walked with us to the hospital.

The ER experience was quite good; everybody was very nice and we were treated very well. We both got lots of X-rays. I got the brunt of the impact, but I'm just banged up a lot and swollen and bruised. [ profile] plumtreeblossom has a small fracture in her elbow (a radial head fracture), probably from when she landed. (I was thrown over the hood of the car, into [ profile] plumtreeblossom who was also clipped by the car.) They gave her a splint and a sling, which is going to be a hassle for a while. We're both on industrial-strength ibuprofen and I'll be icing for a while. (Fortunately, [ profile] plumtreeblossom had some bags of edamame in the freezer. :-)

Well, it wasn't the evening we were expecting, but at least we spent it together. [ profile] plumtreeblossom, I love you through thick and thin.
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Too busy and tired for a real post, but here are a few scattered impressions:
  • I’m going to be directing! I’ll be directing [ profile] audioboy’s staged radio-play adaptation of the 1954 movie Them!. I am hugely looking forward to my first directing experience, and am very grateful to [ profile] audioboy and the rest of PMRP for the opportunity. [Note to self: Post this to Facebook, too. Also Twitter, ВКонтакте, Friendster, Orkut, G+, QQ, G--, E♭-major, and Compuserve.]
  • Work has been exceptionally busy and high-stress lately.
  • That said, I took Friday off to make a four-day weekend which was utterly excellent. Much of it was spent with [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s company, and I got to see lots of other wonderful friends, and it was generally a wonderful weekend.
  • ...marred somewhat by [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s phone dying. For the second time. She gets it through work and so getting it repaired or replaced has some extra layers of bureaucracy and delay. Given how panicky she and I each get when we’re having phone problems, and how flaky her phone and her service have been, I decided it was time to get us an emergency backup to share, so I did, and I’ll be taking it over to her later today.
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My mother [ profile] silverlibre has been in town visiting for a bit over a week, and it’s been wonderful! Lots of wonderful home-cooked meals (mostly due to her, although we all collaborated on the Thanksgiving dinner, and [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s Thanksgiving turkey was wonderful, and lots of wonderful things to do and see and talk about. I don’t have time to do it justice, but here are a few of the highlights:

Seeing [ profile] zendzian in Mister Roberts at the Concord Players. (We didn’t much like the play itself — meaning the script —, but the acting was great, and the sets were truly impressive, and I’d love to see some more of their productions.)

Thanksgiving dinner was epic. [ profile] plumtreeblossom and [ profile] silverlibre and I had a fabulous time preparing food, and then we had a couple guests over and ate it. Thanks to our guests (who brought some yummy pickle and roasted sweet potatoes and pie for the feast).

We had a lovely time out playing board games with friends on Friday. Need to do more than that. A highlight of that was seeing [ profile] tamoroso; much to my surprise, it turned out that he and my mother had never met, and he’s really good people.

Today, we went to the Museum of Science, and had a blast. The Mammoths and Mastodons exhibit they have up at the moment is definitely worth seeing; we learned a lot. And we saw a nifty film about caving for extremophiles in the Omni theater. Before it they showed an interesting little propaganda film about how wonderful New England is, which was a bit strange but kind of fun — regional chauvinism for the win.

After that, we went to the Union Oyster House, which [ profile] plumtreeblossom had been to before but I (and [ profile] silverlibre) hadn’t. The food was very good; definitely worth the price. Made me want to eat more fish.

We still have time with [ profile] surrealestate and DD and Tadpole to look forward to, and dinner with [ profile] cathijosephine (who’s been on a road trip to New Orleans for the last couple weeks, but fortunately will be overlapping with [ profile] silverlibre for a couple days).

Life is feeling pretty good lately.
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Had a wonderful and very social weekend, mostly with [ profile] plumtreeblossom. Friday night was Cards Against Humanity with a wonderful group of awful people. Saturday I slept very late (if a bit fitfully), and Saturday evening we went to a fabulous huge joint birthday party where we both had a blast. I got a bunch of enjoyable conversations on a bunch of enjoyable topics with a bunch of enjoyable people. Sunday morning we didn’t get as early a start as we’d intended, but [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I still had a lovely morning together, even if most of it was in the afternoon.

And on my way home I got a flu shot, which was the start to a fairly productive (if relaxing) Sunday evening. And soon, blessedly, I sleep!
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Posted this to Facebook this morning, but didn’t get a chance to post here until now. (It’s been a busy day!) Happy birthday, [ profile] vanguardcdk! Hope you had a fabulous birthday.
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Since last weekend (Circus weekend!), I’ve been busy.

You might need to click this twice; I do, on two different browsers:

  • Monday was the regular Poly Boston dinner at Bertucci’s. Unfortunately [ profile] plumtreeblossom couldn’t make it because of rehearsal. It was quite fun, with a bunch of cool new people!
  • Tuesday I had dinner with [ profile] xmelancholia near (my) work; she introduced me to a new-to-me restaurant, Mulan. I loved their chicken in chili sauce. More importantly, I loved the opportunity to catch up with [ profile] xmelancholia. She rocks, and I hadn’t seen her in a while.
  • Wednesday I usually get together with [ profile] cathijosephine for dinner, but she was out of town for a funeral (my sympathies to [ profile] buxom_bey, whose relative’s funeral it was), so [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I went over to hang out with [ profile] surrealestate, DD, and little J, and we had a blast. Love that little baby! (Actually, love all of them!)
  • Thursday I got together with [ profile] teratomarty, who works near me. Among the impetuses (impetusses? impeti?) for getting together were some biological specimens (small animals, mostly arthropods) in jars that I had aquired, and wanted to pass along to him. I had enjoyed the food at Mulan so much on Tuesday that I suggested we go there again. Had a great time.
  • Friday morning in the shower I heard that the annual sheepshearing festival at Gore Place was going to be Saturday. Oops! [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I love that event, and had tried unsuccessfully a month or so ago to figure out when it was. We ended up shuffling some plans around so we could go.
  • Friday night I drove to the airport to pick up [ profile] bedfull_o_books, who was arriving at Logan after a very very long series of flights from Beirut. Got to hear about her fabulous visit to Lebanon and Egypt with [ profile] r_ness, and she brought me some Lebanese coffee with cardamom which I look forward to making.
  • Saturday I slept really late (needed to; the flight was delayed, and I was sleep-deprived anyway to start with), so we were late to the sheepshearing festival, but we got there in time to enjoy epic fair noms, stroll among the vendors (and make some impulse purchases), and see the border collie demo (border collies managing sheep and goats). I had foolishly forgotten to bring my good camera, but I got a few photos on my phone which I may get around to posting eventually. Afterwards, we had dinner at Blue Ribbon Barbeque in Arlington, which I’d never been to before (although I’ve had it catered at work a few times). The brisket was quite good. (The sausage was good too, but, contrary to the menu’s assertion, it was not at all spicy.)
  • Today, after sleeping in (which we both needed) and breakfast at The Broken Yolk, I came home to Quincy for a very productive afternoon of yardwork and working on the house. I completed three of my four painting projects; just have a final coat on the office door left to do. I didn’t get as much cleaning done as I’d like, but I got lots of work done on the yard and I have the pleasant aches of a productive day of physical labour.

So, busy and happy (and as always, epically in love with my honeywuzzle).

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Just wanted to let you all know I’m still here. :-)

[ profile] plumtreeblossom and I have a busy and fun weekend ahead of us, starting with Pride and Prejudice again tonight and including dinner with [ profile] vanguardcdk, his parents, and [ profile] cathijosephine on Sunday.

And wow, typing this on a touchscreen is a tedious process!
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Last night [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I had a lovely dinner and drinks with [ profile] cathijosephine and [ profile] vanguardcdk at Five Horses, a new upscalish restaurant in Davis Square that [ profile] pheromone and Dreaming had introduced us to. It was Yum! Mee! And the company was excellent. Was great to get some catching up — I hadn’t seen [ profile] cathijosephine in a couple weeks, and while I see [ profile] vanguardcdk on a fairly regular basis, it’s nice to get to sit and have a relaxed chat.

The food was, well, “spectacular” would only be a very slight overstatement. I think “superb” is the right adjective. I love that place. It’s yuppified comfort food. They have bread and butter on their menu — bread and butter — and yes, it’s definitely worth the $4 or so, at least if you like the flavour of goat milk. My Kentucky-fried Cornish game hen (with jalapeño mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese flavoured with pork belly) was as yummy as it was last time, and we all had lots of appetizers to share. And the Old Fashioned I had was very good, very mellow.

And when we got back to [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s place (also [ profile] vanguardcdk’s place) she and I put some fruit to drying overnight in her food dryer, so we each have snacks for work today.

Anyway, there’s this morning’s effort at approximating a post a day for a while. :-)
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Sorry to be posting this so late in the day it’s almost not on your birthdays any more. In my defense, it’s been a long and stressful day at the end of a very weird week. But I made it with a few minutes to spare!

Happy birthday to two wonderful people whom I don’t get to see often enough, but whom I am very happy to have in my social universe. My world is better for you being in it, and I hope you each had wonderful birthdays.
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Happy birthday to the twins, R. and G., and happy Valentine's day to their parents, [ profile] bcat1 and [ profile] spacechicken! I have the cutest niece and nephew ever.

And a belated happy birthday to [ profile] joyeous. (I tried to post this yesterday morning but my poor net connection on the train ate it. And sorry I've been a bit lax about these lately.)
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Had a lovely small-plate dinner and three lovely (and imaginatively named) mixed drinks with [ profile] cathijosephine and [ profile] ragingamazon and some friends of [ profile] ragingamazon’s at the lovely stealth bar Brick & Mortar upstairs from Central Kitchen in Cambridge. We had a delightful time, and I look forward to going back there soon!
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Yesterday afternoon I got to see the birthday girls at Diesel, with [ profile] treasonx and [ profile] inkedandkinked, and it was great to see them. (Aside: The Diesel has changed a lot since I was last there! I should go some Tuesday.)

Then they went off to a fancy dinner while I met [ profile] plumtreeblossom for a yummy but much less upscale dinner at Mike’s before the show. Had a great time being all shmoopy with my wuzzle, and then we went across the street to see the New Year’s Eve command performance of The Slutcracker. As with the two other performances of it we’ve seen this year, we got there early enough to get front-row seats and had a fabulous time. This audience was (as one might expect on New Year’s Eve) a bit more raucous than previous ones, and the cast had a lot of fabulous energy. We love our cherished family Christmas tradition!

Then we went to a great New Year’s Eve party nearby, among the highlights of which were a wonderful Buffalo chicken dip, chatting with [ profile] audioboy about exciting radio theater plans, and especially getting to see [ profile] surrealestate, DD, and little J. We had a great time.

When we left shortly after midnight and were walking towards the car, we saw this odd light in the sky. It was moving through the sky more or less like a satellite or a very high, very fast airplane, but it was way too bright, and an odd colour — kind of yellowish. (And it was way too long after sunset for satellites to be lit that brightly, and they were moving a bit too fast.) As it disappeared into the distance and we were wondering what it was, we realized that another one was crossing above us, equally fast. And when I looked back in the direction it had come, there were a couple more, coming together. And as each one or two passed overhead there was another one off in the distance following. They all stayed quite bright, but they would dim and brighten a bit, as if they were passing through thin clouds. (Turned out not to be that; see below.)

This all took about five minutes, for much of which we were standing still on the sidewalk just looking at them in bafflement. All sorts of possible explanations popped into our heads, from military jets with searchlights to War of the Worlds.

Finally, we saw one that seemed lower, and seemed to be moving a little bit differently, bobbing a bit. And we saw what appeared to be a short cone of light pointing down from it, showing up in the haze, and pointing this way and that. At that point, I was sure it was something with a searchlight. But it moved more and more erratically, and eventually it became clear that it was not something large and bright and far away but something small and very very close. It was a white approximate sphere a bit less than a yard in diameter, lit by a flickering flame inside, and it was falling, and bouncing around in the breeze. It came lower and landed on the porch roof of a house directly across from us (with the flame still burning). As we were debating what to do (call the fire department, or ring the bell of the house and tell them something burning had landed on their roof), a breeze carried it off the roof and it landed safely in their driveway, still burning but definitely starting to sputter out, and we got to go examine it up close.

Some googling found out that they were these flying lanterns (although the ones we saw used wire to support the fuel). I am really glad that one landed so near us; otherwise, we’d still be wondering! On the other hand, having burning things randomly landing in the most densely populated municipality in New England full of old wooden houses strikes me as a very bad idea. They were beautiful, though!

Then we came home and had a lovely New Year’s Day hangout in the kitchen with [ profile] vanguardcdk (who had just gotten back from the Slutcracker cast party — he’s their house manager) before going to bed.

It’s less than fourteen hours old yet, but 2012 is really awesome so far. And I’m so happy to be starting it with my wonderful partner [ profile] plumtreeblossom and surrounded by friends.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] sunspiral, a Pillar of the Community and all-round sweetheart. I hope your day is fabulous.
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[ profile] plumtreeblossom and I went to Topsfield Fair yesterday, as is our annual custom. It was very crowded this time, but that didn’t impair our enjoyment. In fact, it increased it, because we ran into [ profile] urban_faerie_ and [ profile] clarity_dog and then [ profile] ayelle and [ profile] zendzian and [ profile] ayelle’s sister (whose LJ name I don’t know), and we all hung out and had a blast (and lots of food, including the world’s best macaroni and cheese and a smoked turkey leg almost as big as my head that I couldn’t finish). We’re thinking about taking a day off work so we can go during the work week next year. (And maybe on a weekend day as well — there’s too much to see in one day.)

Life is very, very good. And suckling piglets are very cute.

It is possible that there will be a few photos if I ever get myself organized to post them.

Also, I have a few people coming to look at the room in the next couple days, so I might stop hemorrhaging money quite so rapidly soon.
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My darling [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I have been together for five years now, and last night we got to celebrate it with a bunch of friends at one of our favorite restaurants, Mother Anna’s in the North End. We had a wonderful dinner with wonderful friends, and we got to stand up and say how much we love each other.

I am blessed and honored to have [ profile] plumtreeblossom in my life, and I am blessed and honored that we have such wonderful friends in our lives.

We didn’t manage to take any photos or video ourselves, but lots of other people did, and I hope to post some (or links to some) sometime soon.

I love you, darling honeywuzzle!
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No time for a full update, but:
  • On Friday, got together with [ profile] ifuonlyknew, who is at home recuperating from surgery. Was great to hang out with her.
  • On Saturday, my beloved [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I saw the circus and had a wonderful time. This was also my first opportunity to see her awesome new hairdo! Then we went over to [ profile] surrealestate's and DD's and got to hang out with them and their adorable month-old baby Julian. That was so fabulous!
  • On Sunday, after a lovely morning with [ profile] plumtreeblossom, I got together with [ profile] eisa for dinner. Our plans were slightly altered by the fact that the Brazilian barbecue place we were aiming for was closed "by order of the court-appointed receiver". Sad! But we found yummy Indian food in Union Square and got to do a lot of catching up. Always great seeing her.
Must hurry off to work now, but wanted to let you all know I'm still here.
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Happy birthday [ profile] chienne_folle! I hope it’s a fabulous day!

(I also hope this actually posts; LJ seems to be kind of gronked today.)
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And happy birthday to [ profile] mud_puppy, who seems to have gotten a new home for her birthday! (Well, a little early, I guess.) I hope your day is fabulous and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!
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