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Stolen shamelessly Borrowed from [ profile] vanguardcdk:

PMRP is proud to announce the cast for our Hallowe’en show!

Ghost Hunt
Directed by Mindy Klenoff

Smiley Smith.....................Joev Dubach
Claudia MacDonald.............Joye Thaller
Abigail Thorpe....................Caitlin Mason
Dr. Clarence Reed...............David Cole
Foley Artist........................Kal Gieber

Night of the Living Dead
Directed by Jay Sekora

Ben...................................Emery Westlake
Barbra...............................Samantha Amodeo
Helen/Ensemble................Heidi Clark
Tom/Ensemble..................Kal Gieber
Harry/Ensemble................Michael McAfee
Judy/Ensemble..................Sarah Brinks
Johnny/Ensemble..............Stever Robbins
Ensemble..........................David Cole
Ensemble..........................Jacob Sommer
Foley Artists......................Mare Freed, Chuck Corley

Thanks to everyone who tried out for the show!

You can catch “Ghost Hunt” and “Night of the Living Dead” this October 25th – November 2nd.
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As I posted yesterday, auditions for PMRP’s Hallowe’en special featuring “Ghost Hunt” and my adaptation of “Night of the Living Dead” are this coming Monday and Tuesday. The sides and other files (availability forms, etc.) are now up! Everything relevant is linked from the main auditions page, but in case you have trouble finding the links, here are the role descriptions (and an explanation of what being a Foley artist and performing live sound effects entails), and PDFs of the sides and other forms are available by clicking on the slightly misleading “Download PDF File” link on the “Documents & Files” page (which takes you to a page with a list of files which you can download or add to your Google Drive if you use that).

It would be great if you could print out your own copies of the forms (and either print out or have on a phone or tablet the sides) in advance if you can, but we’ll have copies if you don’t.

Hope to see a bunch of you at auditions!
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(Cross-posted from the Evil Empire:)

Come audition for my show! I am doing a live-radio-drama adaptation of Night of the Living Dead, and auditions are next Monday and Tuesday (with possible callbacks on Wednesday). Lots more information is on the auditions page. Descriptions of the available roles (for both shows; see below) are here, and sides — sample scenes we’ll be using for auditions — will be up soon. Besides “Night of the Living Dead”, Mindy Klenoff is directing “Ghost Hunt”, originally broadcast on Suspense! in 1949, about a DJ who agrees to spend the night in an allegedly haunted house to prove there are no such things as ghosts. In addition to voice actors, we need Foley (live sound effects) performers, administrative staff (doing things like selling program ads, putting up posters, and collecting sound-effects equipment) and crew.

Live radio drama is not memorized; we perform with scripts in hand, standing on stage with microphones. It’s a great opportunity for beginners and old hands alike; we’ve had some people turn in very impressive performances who had never done any kind of theater before.

(And of course, in a few weeks, I’ll be telling you all to come see the show! Performances are on several dates from October 24-November 2.)


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I just had a dream that Hell was in my basement. (Which was more or less the basement of the house I grew up in, only somehow large enough to fit all of history’s damned.) It was kind of a hassle, because whenever I had to deal with the furnace or flip a circuit breaker or do laundry, I had to struggle through the crowds of tormented souls, and some of them were kind of annoying.
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This is a web game that has you clicking through Google Street View images and guessing where you are. I got my first three two guesses in the right country, at least, and the second one I got in the right republic of Russia (although I may have cheated by using the Googles to figure out where the mosque I was looking at was).

GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!
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When I haven’t posted for a long time, it’s hard to get posting again, because I want to fill in all the blanks, but that would be a post so long that (1) I would never get around to writing it, and (2) nobody would ever bother reading it. So I’m going to try to divide things up thematically. This post is about things.

I have a new camera that I am so far very pleased with. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Camera. It does 21x optical zoom (with optical stabilization), and has an automatic mode but also a fully manual mode (except for focus, but you can tap on the part of the image you want the camera to auto-focus on). More about the camera. )

I have my car back on the road, which is wonderful! If I’d realized how little it was going to cost to fix, I would have gotten it done a long time ago; I’ve spent several times that much on Zipcars in the interim.

The car saga, and an auto-body recommendation in Quincy. )

I had assumed the car would be a few hundred dollars to repair. It wasn’t. So today [looks at clock] er, yesterday, I finally bought a powered lawnmower. On lawn mowing. )
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Congratulations to everyone involved in The Baltimore Waltz. It was a great show, funny and poignant. [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I are going back to see it next week, and I’m sure we’ll notice lots of things we missed this time around.
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I’m not saying I’ve lost my faith in the basic goodness and responsibility of my fellow human being. But trying to give away furniture for free on Craigslist tends to test it a bit.
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“I love you so much my cheeks hurt.” —me to [ profile] plumtreeblossom tonight
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Our booth at the Pride Festival. L-R: [ profile] imlad, [ profile] vanguardcdk, [ profile] plumtreeblossom (seated), and V. who I don’t think has a LiveJournal. There are more photos here. It was a fabulous success!
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Tadpole wearing my shoes.
Originally uploaded by beowabbit
He was grinning while he clomped around in them, but apparently getting your picture taken is Srs Bzns!
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I'm a bit late in the day with this, but happy birthday, [ profile] vanguardcdk! You're awesome!
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I’m sorry, LiveJournal! I have to confess: I’ve been cheating on you with Facebook. I don’t know why I do it. You’re my muse. You support me and help me tell my story. I feel good about myself when I’m with you. Facebook... well, Facebook is fast and easy. There’s that furtive thrill of tapping out a few words on my phone, wherever I may be. Of pasting a link with hardly any commentary. Of expressing an opinion and not bothering to cite anything to support it. There’s that seductive “Like” button, just daring me to click it.

Can you forgive me? Will you take me back? I promise not to stray again.

Well, not until tomorrow, anyway.
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Just heard (thanks to a phone call from [ profile] plumtreeblossom, who’s also safe and sound) about the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I wanted to let everybody know I’ve been spending this holiday resting and catching up at home and I’m safe; I haven’t been anywhere near the Marathon.

I’m terribly sad for the injured, of course, and hope nobody dies.
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Congratulations to the cast and crew of PMRP’s Spring Sci-Fi Spectacular on a great opening night! Y’all were awesome, on stage, at the Foley table, and at the boards. Special thanks to the Them! cast for making my first time directing so amazing!

Two performances today, then performances next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and a special matinée on Sunday, April 21, at the MIT Museum. Details on the event page. Come see it!
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I can’t believe I haven’t hawked this before now, but [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I are both involved in PMRP’s Spring Sci-Fi Spectacular² live-radio-drama event. [ profile] plumtreeblossom is reprising her rôle as Billy in “Red Shift: Crisis of the Cuddlykins”, a spoof of Flash Gordon- or Buck Rogers-style serials, and I’ve been directing (in my directorial début!) [ profile] audioboy’s radio adaptation of the classic 1954 movie Them!. Shows are April 5, 6 (matinée and evening show), 11, 12, and 13th in Davis Square, and a special matinée April 21st at the MIT museum. More details are on the PMRP site. My cast is awesome (and so is [ profile] plumtreeblossom’s, of course; it has her in it!) and it should be a tremendously fun time.

(For the two or three of you who haven’t read me and others talk about PMRP, the concept is that we present a radio drama as if broadcast over the air in the Golden Age of Radio, but on stage in front of a live audience. Most of our shows — this one definitely included — have live Foley sound effects, and we’ve got some awesome ones. Come see us!)
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After the fabulous closing night of Lysistrata and a wonderful birthday party for [ profile] surrealestate and DD's darling Tadpole, [ profile] plumtreeblossom and I were crossing the street this evening when we were hit by a car. It was making a left turn into the street we were crossing; the driver had probably slowed for the turn but didn't seem to slow at all to avoid hitting us; he did pull over a ways down the block and come back. There were lots of witnesses, among them [ profile] anomie666 who happened to be on a bus that was passing and who stayed with us through the whole evening. He is a wonderful person and he deserves a medal and some really good Scotch.

All the emergency vehicles (at least two police cars, a fire truck, an ambulance, and eventually the tow truck to take away the driver's car since he left in other accommodation) had enough flashing colored lights for a Somerville Christmas. We declined the ambulance since we were just a few blocks from the hospital and the paramedics wanted to put us in back and neck braces and that seemed over the top (neither of us had hit our heads or had spine pain). [ profile] anomie666 walked with us to the hospital.

The ER experience was quite good; everybody was very nice and we were treated very well. We both got lots of X-rays. I got the brunt of the impact, but I'm just banged up a lot and swollen and bruised. [ profile] plumtreeblossom has a small fracture in her elbow (a radial head fracture), probably from when she landed. (I was thrown over the hood of the car, into [ profile] plumtreeblossom who was also clipped by the car.) They gave her a splint and a sling, which is going to be a hassle for a while. We're both on industrial-strength ibuprofen and I'll be icing for a while. (Fortunately, [ profile] plumtreeblossom had some bags of edamame in the freezer. :-)

Well, it wasn't the evening we were expecting, but at least we spent it together. [ profile] plumtreeblossom, I love you through thick and thin.
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[ profile] plumtreeblossom's sweet cat Ben Ben died this evening. We'd spent all weekend together, and Sunday after a concert and dinner in Harvard Square I went to Quincy and she went to Somerville. When she got home she found him blind and unable to stand. While I was trying to work out cab and Zipcar arrangements to get to Davis quickly and get him to Angell, he died in her arms. He was an old cat and had a wonderful run and died at home, and he was begging for treats and enjoying life until the last few hours. He had been in notable decline, though, so it wasn't a suprise.

(We took the body to Angell for cremation. It's a wonderful, wonderful animal hospital run by wonderful kind caring people and we're very lucky to live somewhere where that kind of veterinary care is available 24/7/365.)

Goodbye, Ben!
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